Food Art on The Plate

Be creative while serving your kids everyday meal!
A great deal of inspiration for all who need to serve unusual meals for kids. Samantha Lee created these awesome, colorful plates with well known characters, and I consider this may be an excellent example for all parents who struggle with their children during the meal. Samantha as a parent and designer, knows the trick.

She created on plates whole stories and presented favourite characters during interesting adventures. It, surely, will encourage kids to eating. Furthermore, maybe they start to create such meals themselves. This project stimulates not only their appetites but also their talent. It's a very tasty piece of art!

How do you encourage your children to eat? Do you have some tested methods? Let us know in comments below!

Feel free to check out Samantha's Lee website to see her works.
food-art-on-the-plate01 food-art-on-the-plate02 food-art-on-the-plate03 food-art-on-the-plate04 food-art-on-the-plate05 food-art-on-the-plate06 food-art-on-the-plate07 food-art-on-the-plate08 food-art-on-the-plate09 food-art-on-the-plate10 food-art-on-the-plate11 food-art-on-the-plate12 food-art-on-the-plate13 food-art-on-the-plate14 food-art-on-the-plate15 food-art-on-the-plate16

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