Fluffy Cat’s Hideout

A cat sandwich? Check out this cat’s bed!
Have you ever heard of a cat sandwich? No? I have to surprise you, a cat sandwich was the first thing I thought when I saw Fluffy Cat’s Hideout. The idea comes from The Petz Route website, is another brilliant bed-toy device for our beloved, sweet feline friends. It is made to serve as a warm bed for cold days but its other function is of course a cat’s playground. We all know cats can see beds and playgrounds wherever they go but we can also make these special attractions reserved only for them. This only reminds of some other projects such as a Shared Table for People and Cats or an Old T-shirt Cat Tent. You know I’d go for any crochet, sewing or knitting idea to make my cat feel happy. Would you?

What cattish ideas do you have? Share them with other handimaniacs in comments below.

Check the photos of Maru on Sisin Maru blog.


5 thoughts on “Fluffy Cat’s Hideout

  1. Gaba Banas says:

    It’s a Macaron bed created by Petz Route, unfortunately is available only on Japanese Amazon, but it’s becoming very popular, so I hope it will be available in ever country soon.

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