Floating Islets Mobiles

These miniature floating landscapes will take you into a secret pixie world!
Few months ago I wrote about “Rouleaux”, beautiful and petite works of art made of toilet paper rolls. This time I want to show you tiny sculptures of a similar scale, created by Polish artist, Marysia, who runs adorable blog called “Mala Ichi”.

When we saw these meticulously formed islets, we were all amazed here in Handimania’s HQ. The attention to detail is stunning, and dreamy atmosphere of these miniature floating landscapes makes you want to become a tiny creature and move in immediately! All sculptures were made of aluminium foil covered with paper, artificial grass, sand and moss.

If you find Floating Islets Mobiles inspiring enough to make your own, we will be more than happy to see the results :) Please post the photos of your work below or let us know how you liked it.

Who wants to move in? ;)










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