Finger Drawings

Get inspired to help the environment by looking at these drawings!
Some people say that the phenomenon of the global warming is a pack of lies. But how do that explain the climate change? Where is the winter season with snow drifts we can remember from our childhood? Can’t they see that soon we’ll be left only with an image of a Snowman and the future generations won't be given a chance to build a real one?

Fortunately, there are people who are environmentally conscious and try to depict the beauty of nature to inspire others to protect it. Among those who fight to save nature as it is, you can find a U.S. artist Zaria Forman. Her soft pastel Finger Drawings show the majesty and the real charm of glaciers, bodies of water or storm fronts. The artist says that she depicts the landscapes as she sees them, and she believes to raise the awareness to preserve the natural beauty.

We think we all should take a while to contemplate the problem. You can leave some comments below!

Check out the photos on Zaria Forman's website!





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