Felt Corner Shop

See this unusual Felt Corner Shop!
A corner shop may seem to be something mundane and usual but not for a London-based artist like Lucy Sparrow. Her outstandingly impressive work was presented on My Modern Met. Thanks to a fund she raised, she managed to transform a deserted store space into this lively market. However, it’s not an ordinary bazaar as all the goods on sale are made of felt. The entire collection embraces over 4,000 items beginning with frozen goods and ending with magazines. The artist says the project has been a bit overwhelming, it took her seven months to hand-stitch all the stuff, and probably it will be difficult for her to let it all go but she doesn’t have enough space to keep it at home. So all the felt enthusiast all over the world be aware that these products are available for purchase. If you’ve planted your Felt Garden Box with your own fair hands, other products may be easier to gain.

I’m so fascinated by the idea of felt goods, if only I had more space I’d buy them all. What would your favourite felt product be? Let me know!

See more photos on The Cornershop.
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