Family Drawing Table

Gather all members of your family at one, crafty table.
We have got an apartment, not too big not too small, enough for now since Anya is still a baby. We all love all kind of crafts but usually each of us sits in his own spot while creating something. I spend all day long in our bedroom with Anya, crocheting, knitting and writing. Dorian draws his day by day journal in his room, and Simon sits downstairs works on Handimania’s site, sculpting funny, little weapons from time to time. We all work in one house but still miss each other. The day passes by so fast, and when there is time to meet in the evening, we simply fall asleep.

I made few attempts to gather all of us in one room, in the past, but there was always one problem, the desk or a table wasn’t big enough to let us do our projects, without interrupting each other. This way we used to end up in our private spots. Imagine a table designed the way it allows few people work at it at the same time. I almost lost all hopes before I’ve found one designed by Tim Durfee & Iris Anna Regn and it is called Family Drawing Table. It looks as if it is growing with you. It's got a perfect position to sit for both children and adults. This piece of brilliant furniture consists of many holes and spaces for all needed materials such as sheets of paper, crayons, clay etc. When you look at it from above, you could say it is a modern school desk – and what a perfect school that would be!

Since it is designers work it must be horrendously expensive, but I’ve felt inspired already. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but finally we will our own Family Crafts Table. I believe we can inspire each other only if we spend much time together. Hope you feel the same way too. Share your opinion about it or ideas how to make such wonderful table at low costs. We would be happy to hear from you on our facebook profile.

Click the link to see this stunning design of FAMILY DRAWING TABLE

Family Drawing Table

Family Drawing Table - Top View

Family Drawing Table - Close Up

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