Facial Pictures

Get inspired to wear pictures of cartoon characters on your face!
The history of masks dates back to antiquity. They were typically used for protection, disguise or entertainment. So was body painting in tribal cultures. Unlike tattoos, body art is temporary and that’s what I Iike the most about it. It can be easily removed or changed according to the current mood, emotion or need.

I’m pleased to make you acquainted with Laura Jenkinson, who is an exceptional specialist on Facial Pictures. She doesn’t hesitate to put a happy Minion, surprised Pluto or angry Taz on her face. You can find a vast collection of her art on Instagram, you can also make your own painting following her step-by-step tutorials.

To make such colourful pictures, you’ll surely need a lot of paint and shades so I suggest making this Magnet Board to keep everything at hand.

If you decide to paint your face, share the results with us!

See more photos on Laura Jenkinson's blog.
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