Fabric Sculptures

Using material has no limits! Check this out!
I believe the only thing that can limit us, is our imagination. We can create extraordinary things thanks to a wide range of materials accessible on the market. If you’ve seen Limitless Embroidery you know what I mean. We aren’t confined to embroidery hoops or other frames in our creation. We use everyday objects to make Funny Individuals or food to paint Tiny Landscapes.

Now I’d like to present you with North Carolina-based artist Yumi Okita who uses various embroidery techniques to produce her Fabric Sculptures designs. She is inspired by insects so a vast collection of her butterflies and moths can be obtained from Etsy.

If you decide to ornament your apartment with this distinct combination of painting, feathers, and artificial fur, send us the photos!

See more photos of Fabric Sculptures on The Jealous Curator.







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