Dragon Hedge

Looking for inspiration how to trim the hedge around your house? Check this out!
Are you still looking for your princess? Do believe that killing a dragon will let you win her heart? Well, if you live in a fairytale called ’Life’ everything may happen and miracles are possible. But remember to arrive on a white stallion it is sure to enhance your chances. Still where to look for a dragon these days? If you don’t know you should ask John Brooker of Norfolk. He spent 13 years creating a huge Dragon Hedge outside his Frizzleton Farm property. I don’t know if he will be eager to let his dragon fight against modern knights but you may find the opportunity to present chivalry in a different way. Or you may risk your chances by drawing your own Japanese Dragon which creation seems a bit less time consuming.

Do you know any modern chivalric actions? Share your opinions with us below.

See Damien McFadden's website.





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