DIY Camper Van

Inspiring photo story on how to change your life in 5 months with just two hands

Well, this is quite an inspiring story. We couldn’t get enough of looking at all those pictures from inside of the finished DIY Camper Van. We will start this from the end, Mike’s website and his story are worth taking a while to read through, think and even support him wit a good comment or some tips on how to earn money while traveling.

In a nutshell, Mike took two steps back to move 3 steps forward. He quit job, bought an old and rusty van, moved to his parents house. All this, to make his dreams come true. With some money saved and a real motivation he started renovating old vehicle and as he says “This was originally about traveling in a van, but now it’s about living in something I built...and traveling”.

He has been traveling and living like this for a couple of months now. He set up a website where you can even track his position. People and media all over the world are supporting him in any possible way and you can read all about it.

However, if you feel a bit overwhelmed by all the project but still feel like living in a van, check out this Camper Cardboard Playhouse, it may be a good idea to start with this.

Have you been inspired? Do you like the design of his van interior or would you make it totally different? Give us a shout on our FB page!


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