Dazzling Swimming Pool

Did you know you can have a swim in the violin? Just have a look!
Inspiration comes in many forms. There’s no use sitting and waiting for the muse to strike you. Inspiration sometimes comes in most unexpected moments and what I do then I grab a sheet of paper to jot the ideas down not to let them escape. There are of course times when I can’t come up with any knockout ideas. In these passive moment I turn on the music and let my thoughts fly.

Music has been encouragement to many ingenious things, even some DIY freaks have drawn their inspiration from it. Some inventors acted for the sake of music by upcycling everyday objects of which Skateboard Guitars can be a perfect example.

Another dazzling project is a violin-shaped Swimming Pool designed in detail to resemble an exact replica in scale of a 1700s era Stradivarius. The company Cipriano Landscape Design & Custom Swimming Pools has fulfilled the client’s wishes and paid attention even to elements such as purlflings, f-holes, a bridge, strings. The swimming pool is a real piece of art.

If you realized any music inspired projects, don’t hesitate to share them with us.

The photos of Dazzling Swimming Pool can be found here.
dazzling-swimming-pool-04 dazzling-swimming-pool-05 dazzling-swimming-pool-06 dazzling-swimming-pool-07 dazzling-swimming-pool-08 dazzling-swimming-pool-09 dazzling-swimming-pool-10 dazzling-swimming-pool-11 dazzling-swimming-pool-12 dazzling-swimming-pool-13 dazzling-swimming-pool-14 dazzling-swimming-pool-15 dazzling-swimming-pool-16 dazzling-swimming-pool-17 dazzling-swimming-pool-18 YAY or NAY? Talk to us in comments!

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