Creative Reading Net

Do you like reading? Get inspired by this comfy Reading Net!
Kids see the world in a completely different way. I’m sure you remember the the Little Prince’s drawing of an elephant eaten by a snake but what adults could see was a hat. The same is with adult stiffness and limitations. Children hate sitting still on a hard wooden chairs, benches in school are the greatest obstacle and what’s most important children don’t hesitate to show what don’t like.

Thanks God there are some adults in the world who didn't forget their childhood and tend to design projects going with children’s needs and creativity. Playoff studio is one of those inspiring institutions. They’ve come up with Creative Reading Net which gives the opportunity to lie down in a comfortable position while reading but also jumping and hanging upsitedown. The idea of relaxing in this net hung in the reading room seems appealing not only for the youngest readers. Yet, when you want to create a cosy and more traditional reading space you should have a look at Reading Loft.

We’re also anxious to see the photos of your reading seclusions. Don’t wait to send them to our website.

The photos of Creative Reading Net are here.
creative-reading-net-04 creative-reading-net-051 creative-reading-net-061 creative-reading-net-07 creative-reading-net-08 creative-reading-net-09 creative-reading-net-10 Do you think this is unsafe? Would you like to have it in your library?

0 thoughts on “Creative Reading Net

  1. Filipa Hora says:

    Please can you specify the type of net you use! i want to do it in my kids room!
    Thank you in advance

  2. Karina Haczek says:

    Reading Net was designed by Playoff studio. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any information on the type of net used :(

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