Couch And Guest Bed in One

Build this couch-bed for your tiny room!
I could say that cramped spaces projects are my obsession. I’ve gathered a diverse collection of remarkable room arrangements, shelf designs and storage solutions. I can boast of completing some projects and confirm their functionality which is obviously the priority when living in a jammed flat.

The idea which has ravished me lately was posted on Mettes Potteri Danmark. Couch And Guest Bed in One is a supreme sitting-sleeping solution for tiny rooms which lets you have a nice big couch during the day and have friends overnight. The couch is made with two normal mattresses put on legs and joined with hooks which keep them together.

If you are interested in other simple ways for tiny rooms check out Bedroom Dress Boys or Camp Loft Bed.

You can also send your own ideas to our website.

To see the photos of Couch And Guest Bed in One follow the link.



0 thoughts on “Couch And Guest Bed in One

  1. Mandy Ferguson says:

    Any idea how to find the plans since it is an invite only blog? I would really like to know!!!!

  2. Karina Haczek says:

    unfortunately, it seems the owner of the blog changed it into invite-only :( these pictures are all we have but as far as I remember there were no plans at all. I think it’s pretty easy to make since you can buy two mattresses with wooden frames and fold the backrest foam as it is shown on the photos :)

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