Rainbow Igloo

Build this colorful shelter and find peace and quiet there.
I’ve recently read a gripping article about ice hotels near the Arctic Circle. I followed the topic and I was led to a film presenting an Inuit father showing techniques to his son how to build a proper igloo. I was fascinated with the idea of passing family ‘recipes’ from one generation to the next. I investigated the subject even more and found out that Inuits still use igloos for temporary shelter.

I’d like to encourage you to make a Rainbow Igloo in our climate with a relatively small amount of powdery snow at hand. I found some pics of this domed snow structure form Edmonton , where the authors, New Zealander Daniel Gray and his girlfriend Kathleen Starrie, made up their barrel-shaped structure using bricks of water frozen in cartons. They also added some dyestuff which makes an impressive view at night.

Surely, while building your version of igloo you can upgrade it with amenities such as a stove or a sleeping platform. I’ve read that an experienced builder can put an igloo together in an hour. How long will it take you?

Sadly, there is no tutorial for this outstanding Rainbow Igloo but give it a try, use your freezer, engage your imagination and share the effects of your work on our fan page.






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