Colourful Crochet Locomotive

Get inspired by this huge crochet project!
Crocheting is my meditation. Some people count breaths other articulate mantras and I count stitches. This repetitive craft gives me in-depth relaxation and makes me forget about the whole world. I always set an intention and celebrate every second of my work.

Recently, I’ve found some impressive works on The Colossal by, I should say, Polish crochet artist - Olek . Olek’s work has been exhibited in galleries, museums and public spaces worldwide. But what really drew my attention was Crochet Locomotive which was displayed in Poland. The massive machine coated with colourful yarn looks outstanding.

I look at this project with admiration but of course we don’t have to start with such gigantic projects. Start with tiny designs. Look at these Crochet Egg Covers which may occur a perfect last minute Easter idea.

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To see the photos of Crochet Locomotive follow the link.







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