Color Fuse Concrete

Heavy but light, concrete but warm and bright

Have you already made this awesome Concrete Planter for your succulents and cactuses? We love how life combines with cold concrete here. There are some inspirations out there that scare us a bit though, just like this Concrete Hands Planter, but we understand that sky is the limit for all creative creatures.

Going through the internet, looking for some extraordinary planters I would like to make for my new, baby succulents, we’ve found a talented girl called Emma McDowall, who put this concrete stuff on another level. The Jealous Curator presented her works in a beautiful, clear way on the blog and made us wanna jump straight to Emma’s shop to buy few.

On the other hand, since we know how to make concrete planters already, we may try to experiment with adding some paint to it and start a perfect, weekend, diy project!

Have you got some ideas looking at Emma’s planters? Don’t hesitate to check out her site and let her know, you like what she does!

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