Cassette Tape Art

Look what can be done with old cassette tapes!
If you show teenagers a tape and a pencil, they will never guess the unique link between the two items. We born in the 70’s or early 80’s spent hours rewinding the tapes when the function broke down in our tape players. The quality of the music played was poor but did we have any other options? Well, we could use a record player, but it seemed to have been used by the dinosaurs. But is there anyone who remembers and uses old forgotten tapes? Well, to tell you the truth there is.

Some time ago we presented a very practical cassette usage, as it was transformed into an MP3 Player. Today we’re presenting, a bit less functional, but still interesting way to keep the cassettes alive! A French designer, painter, photographer ‘Benoit Jammes’ gave the second life to his cassette collection by turning it into Tape Art. In the series, you can find impressive and entertaining pictures presenting everyday objects and situations.

The artist proved that old things can be used in an innovative way! Can you come up with some other ways of using cassettes? Let us know about them.

Check out more photos on Benoit Jammes’ website!





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