Carriza – A Cubicle Playhouse

Construct this minimal play space for your kids and hang it on a tree!
If you’re bored with traditional treehouses (I can’t imagine how one can be, but let’s suppose there are such weirdos) I’ve got something fresh and new from Cenlitrosmetrocadrado design office.

This neat and cosy cubicle, called Carizza, is a combination of a tent, treehouse and a playhouse. You won’t find any instruction on a designer website, but the number of detailed pictures, simplicity of the design and accessibility of materials will let all avid DIY-ers to build it with ease.

If this idea didn’t win your heart, check treehouses we’ve already featured on our website - it’s still a good time to build one! Don’t forget to share your thoughts on the idea below the post - we’re always curious of what you think!

See more photos of Carriza on Cenlitrosmetrocadrado’s website.




Did you have a playhouse as a kid?

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