Canned Food Storage

Organize canned food with this simple shelf!
I thought there is no way to find a good place for canned food in the kitchen without creating kind of warehouse inside. I couldn’t even imagine putting it somewhere out in view. Cans are not quite decorative and definitely don’t make our kitchen look better or cozy. But then I found this amazing project, and it totally changed my point of view.

Amy from “Amy and Toby” blog shows how to make a really practical place for food in an easy and smart way. It takes up less place and presents much better than a usual shelf. It's a great solution if you want to keep canned food at hand, like order and love all DIY ideas. If you are interested in other wooden projects, you should necessarily check out the Wooden Outdoor Buffet!

Post pictures of your version of that shelf on our fan page!

To see the full tutorial click here!

canned food storage 0fb

canned food storage 001

canned food storage 002

canned food storage fi

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