Bedroom Dress Boys

Helpful hangers for small spaces
I really hope that someday I’ll have a bigger bedroom. But rather than thinking about the lack of space, I prefer to look for hacks that will help me in using it to the maximum. And since I am a bit messy person, all de-cluttering solutions are highly valued.

One of the hacks I really liked was the idea from Jules, a memeber of Ikea Hackers team. It’s based on Dress Boys designed by Laphoeff, but instead of upcycling old, stylish, chairs, Jules used two second-hand IKEA Bertil chairs. This witty, cheap and a bit surreal idea (chairs look as if they were going to disappear in the wall) lets you keep your clothes in a good shape in between wearing them. Chairs are not permanently fixed to the wall, so it lets you clean them easily.

Do you find this solution functional and space saving? Would you place it in your bedroom? If you have any other ideas for dress boys or how to organize small rooms in general, let us know on our fan page. We are always curious of your hacks and opinions!

Bedroom Dress Boys


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