Baby’s Naptime Dreamy Adventures

Magical photos of a sleeping toddler, check this out!
I’m not a huge fan of Anne Geddes I must say, but these lovely, imaginative photos, inspired by her work, won my heart so much.

Queenie Liao is a free-lance artist and mother of three boys, living in California. She created beautiful, photographic fairy-tales with her little son, Wenngenn, in the main role. Using ordinary household objects, she built stunning backgrounds for her son’s dreamy, adventurous dramas. All the magic happened while Wengenn was...sleeping.

The set of 100 pictures gathered in a book “Wenngenn in Wonderland” is a feast of creativity. These photos are among the most inspiring things I saw lately, and the fact that Queenie is a mother of three makes me wonder if I’m really that busy or am I just perfect in making excuses.

Every single image tells a beautiful and captivating story, but it’s not the most significant trait of Queenie Liao’s work. It’s the joy, pride and inexpressible love of a mother, that radiates from these photos. See more photos on Wengenn In Wonderland.
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