Awesome Painting with Watercolors, Glue and Salt

Drag your kids into a very creative play!
How many times you’re trying to propose your kids some creative activity to make them busy for a while, and you are totally out of ideas? I can assume that many, many times. As I am surrounded by kids and parents, I realise that is a hard work to get them involved in any entertainment enforced by adults.

Let me show you a great painting technique, it’s based on an old Javanese and Indonesian way of colouring clothes with wax and natural pigments. Painting with watercolors, glue and salt is a simplified version of batik, it’s really easy and doesn’t require special supplies. All you need is the glue, watercolor, salt and paper or canvas.

The idea comes from “Chalk In My Pocket” blog, then was updated by Ari - the admin of Sweet Happy Life website, she added canvas as a based material. It makes paint last longer than one made on paper.

If your kids are into all kinds of painting techniques show them tutorial of Painted Bottle Vases, maybe they will help you in decorating your home this way!

We are waiting for photos of artworks made by you or your child, so send some on our fan page!

To see results of Painting with Watercolors, Glue and Salt follow the link!





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