Amazing Quilling Pictures

Use quilling technique to create a portrait!
The origins of quilling are as old as Renaissance. The winding patterns were used to decorate religious items. The technique hasn’t changed so much, but the topics of this art evolved. Yulia Brodskaya a highly regarded paper artist and illustrator loves evoking three dimensional objects to life. She comes up with a breathtaking collection of human portraits on her website. I’ve seen some quilling flowers, insects, but these pictures are truly stunning. The last thing which left me so speechless as her work was Toilet Paper Roll Art.

There are so many reasons we should stay crafty, creative and inspired, but Quilling Pictures are definitely on the top of the list. The pictures are created with precision and they give surprising impressions depending on the angle of perception. Are you willing to make your own pictures? Let us know on our fan page.

To see the whole gallery of these Amazing Quilling Pictures follow the link!









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