3D Paper Patterns

Get inspired by these 3D patterns!
Magical Paper-Cut Light Boxes lead me to do some more specific and in-depth research about paper artists. This Is Colossal has presented Maud Vantour’s works in which she uses layers of cut paper to create hypnotizing patterns and textures. When I first saw these 3D Paper Patterns I thought they could lead me to ocular ataxia with so many shades of colors and regularity of shapes. I was put in a trans and fascinated by these sculpts. I wonder if they can have therapeutic value. Maybe the act of creating these may bring mindfulness and peace.

If you are not afraid of colour combinations and want to be mesmerized by the shapes try making similar at home. Feel free to share the effects of your work in user gallery below the post.

Check more photos on Maud Vantour website.








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