17 Unique Projects Whose Creators Deserve a Medal for Originality

Practical ideas that make our lives easier and more enjoyable are always welcome on the site. The ingenuity of these designers shows that sometimes you don’t need much to make it.

#1 Solar Bench with WI-FI and Phone Charging

giulio_barresi / instagram

#2 Mini Dog Park at the Atlanta Airport

The Layover Life / tweeter

#3 Innovative Toilet Paper Rack

craigs_ecolifestyle /instagram

#4 A Park in Shanghai with Plants in Lampshades

estudiodaes / instagram

#5 Avocado Packaging If You Don’t Use the Whole Fruit Right Away

sweatyourwaytofitness / instagram

#6 A Dog Room at the San Diego Airport

ShihTzus & Furbabies / tweeter

#7 Green Wall Made From Used Plastic Bottles

csgscrap_recycling / instagram

#8 Pedestrian Crossing Floating In the Air

madbutcher / reddit

#9 A Bench with Outlets between Travelers’ Seats at an Airport

montanagunnut / reddit

#10 Super Bottle Design with a Handle in the Cap

crajo1 / imgur

#11 Ink from Polluted Air

air.ink / instagram

#12 Wall Made Of Glass Bottles

sangeetakalaskar / instagram

#13 Adapter for Coffee Lovers

adequ8 / instagram

#14 Pick Up Your Luggage Straight From the Jaws of a Shark at Antalya Airport

nadine_fedorova / instagram

#15 Convenient Backpack for Your Cat

michellebocklage / instagram

#16 Ingenious Apartment Front Door That Looks Like an Automaton

nyonhome / instagram
nyonhome / instagram

#17 A Phone with a Ring to Make It Easier to Hold

benvemodainsta / reddit

Let us know if you’ve seen or purchased any of these for yourself?

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