12 Funny Family Moments That Made Internet Users’ Holidays More Enjoyable

Many of us associate Christmas not only with cheerful Christmas carols and crazy family time but also with unthinkable gifts. Anyhow, it is worth to approach it all with a smile take a look at this library of crazy moments.

#1 My dog thinks that tangerines are balls and waits patiently until I finally throw one…


#2 “When you ate all the candy from the Christmas tree, but it turns out there’s a couple more left”


#3 Siblings wanted to make fun of each other and gave each other the same “gifts”


#4 Every year our friends look for the ugliest Christmas tree and this is year 2020, what a stunner…


#5 Kitty-Tanks!


#6 The strong power in these gingerbreads is, will be devoured


#7 On the one hand, it’s christmas, but on the other…


#8 A Christmas tree out of this world… separated between rooms


#9 During the carol singing ceremony in Sri Lanka some w text was accidentally printed


#10 “I made my boss yell at me through his office door like this”


#11 The gift from mom luckily proved to be a cup holder…

Lexii_ / twitter

#12 When I wanted to pack my present in the silver wrapping paper, it turned out to be just a clingfilm…

VicoMayFire / tweeter

Bonus: You know the feeling when Mom gives you a gift saying it’s from her and Daddy you’re 100% sure then that Dad has no idea about it😉

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