A Couple Missed Their Planned Wedding so They Got Married on the Plane

    A Couple Missed Their Planned Wedding so They Got Married on the Plane

    11:01 AM EDT, May 12, 2022

    As it turns out, the wedding in the clouds is possible. This is proven by the story of a couple of Americans, who became the stars of a certain flight.


    Booked Chapel in Vegas

    Pam and Jeremy Salda, on April 24, had purchased a flight from Dallas to Las Vegas, where they wanted to get married. They already had a wedding date booked at the chapel, and they arrived at the airport in festive attire. The bride wore a white dress and the groom wore a suit. Unfortunately, it turned out that their flight was canceled and they most likely would not get to Las Vegas that day. Their conversation was heard by a pastor (Chris Mitcham) who was also traveling to the gambling city.


    Wedding on a Plane

    The man offered to help them get married. All three booked a flight to Las Vegas from another airport in Dallas. When they boarded the Southwest Airlines flight, it was Pam's white dress that caught the pilot's attention. The woman told him they were thinking of having a ceremony on the plane. The captain agreed to it.


    Toilet Paper Streamers

    Preparations for the wedding began right away. The crew made streamers out of toilet paper, and the cabin was lit with a pleasant reddish light. The bridesmaid was one of the stewardesses, and the wedding guests were all the passengers.


    Donut Instead of Cake

    After the touching ceremony, everyone received a free drink, and the bride and groom gave each other a donut. One passenger made a guest book in a notebook where everyone could write their wishes for the bride and groom.


    An in-flight wedding is something completely unheard of. And the memorable Flight 2690 has been dubbed the line of love.


    Have you ever witness an unconditional wedding?

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