Watermelon “Easy-to-Eat” Sticks

Use this ingenious way to cut a watermelon and eat it like a boss.
Summertime is in its dusk, but we still taste it here at Handimania’s HQ’s. Inspired by ThriftyMom.com and her excellent ideas on how to cut watermelon, one of the most sunny fruits ever, we decided to give it a try and cut it into easy-to-grab sticks. Finally, there is a chance to eat it without a baby bib!

You may remember the juicy Watermelon Beverage Keg or funny No Bake Watermelon Cake we wrote about some time ago. If you are as crazy about melons as I am, watch our video carefully, combine those three ways, and prepare for the last garden party this year.

You must see all watermelon-inspired ideas and recipes that we’ve already presented on our website :)

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What you need:


  • Knife

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Watermelon

If you got large watermelon cut it this way:








2 thoughts on “Watermelon “Easy-to-Eat” Sticks

  1. re says:

    It works! :) I didn’t eat watermelon too often, because it is soooo messy. Now, there is almost nothing to clean after cutting and my hands don’t get sticky from juice.

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