Watermelon Cake

Make a the most refreshing cake out of one watermelon.
Finally we have got real summer here, it is hot, sunny, and the only thing you can think of is how to refresh yourself. Summer is also a period of many birthdays in our family, what leads to a conclussion that there should be at least couple of sweet, heavy cakes served soon.

I won’t deny I love those sweet cakes from time to time, although I know they are usually bad for my health. It is so wonderful though that Simon’s dad is a real master of vegan banana cake (the main dessert during family celebrations). It is high time to extend our birthdays menu to something even lighter, more refreshing, juicy and still sweet, like those Frozen Fruit Popsicles. Check out this awesome vegetarian, vitarian and vegan, (but not only) cake by Veggie Belly. The author was inspired by Martha Stewart’s idea and prepared her own version of Watermelon Cake, which I adore.

I am definitely going to use this unique recipe soon, and I am sure you are going to make it too. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us below, and we wish you yummy, juicy and fresh celebrations of any kind.

Check out the full recipe on Veggie Belly website.

Watermelon Cake

What you need:


  • Sharp knife
  • Measuring spoon

Supplies / ingredients:

  • One, fresh watermelon

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