Valentine’s Pound Cake

Use some basic ingredients to bake this cake full of love!
Do you need some variation in annual Valentine routine? If you don’t want to buy another piece of jewellery or red roses, you can test your manual skills by dealing with 3D Paper Hearts or Heart Shaped Elbow Patch on your girlfriend’s sweater.

But the thing we truly believe can be the best, is spending some time together in the kitchen. We do realize it may be your daily routine but if you choose to make something as lovely as ‘Very Culinary’s' Valentine’s Cake, you’ll see the difference.

Devise a schedule of the day, buy a bottle of champagne and invite your partner to bake the cake. Doesn't it sound romantic? How do you spend Valentine’s day? Tell us about it, if it’s not a secret.

Check out the recipe on Very Culinary!

What you need:

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Pound cake mix
  • Butter
  • Eggs

To see the full list of Tools and Supplies check out the source post.


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