Trick-Or-Treat Pinata Cookies

Make your Halloween party funnier with those awesome surprise cookies
Megan - "Not Martha", made my day! With her Trick-Or-Treat Pinata Cookies, my Halloween weekend is going to be much better than any previous. If you have already tried these Piñata Cookies, you will be more than happy with these funny, little treats that hide dark surprise inside.

You are able to find great many piñata's on the web, but what I love in Megan's cookies the most, is the effort she put to provide you truly detailed step by step instructions along with nice photos and...sugar ants! No more simple and boring baking! Go on a higher level this year and let your friends leave your party delighted with your sweet and tricky snack.

Are you ready to take up this challenging bakery project? What are your ideas for a surprise inside each cookie? Do try this recipe at home and don't forget to show us some pictures afterwards!

Click the link to read the full recipe and helpful tips on Trick-Or-Treat Pinata Cookies.


Trick-Or-Treat Pinata Cookies

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