Sweet Grilled Cheese Heart

Prepare outstanding breakfast for your beloved!
When we were searching for some amazing recipes to show you, we found this sweet delicacy. Looking at pictures of it makes me want to eat the screen. It looks delicious, and after checking the ingredients, I can figure that it taste like heaven.

This romantic french toast idea comes from 'Grilled Cheese Social' website run by MacKenzie Smith. We assume it’s a great idea for a breakfast served in bed. Not only in the Valentine’s morning, but for every single day to show our beloved that we care about their bellies ;) If you’re looking for more sweets recipes, check out the Heart-Shaped Cake!

We are curious what are your ideas for Valentine’s Day, so feel free to send us pictures of your romantic breakfast or other meal you prepared for your loved one.

Check out the recipe on Grilled Cheese Social!

What you need:


  • Skillet
  • Cookie Cutter

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Bread
  • French toast batter
  • Strawberries


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