Summertime Sun Tea

Drink a lot of Summertime Sun Tea to satisfy your thirst!
To describe today’s muggy boiling hot weather I could use Julian Tuwim’s words: ‘Poof, how she's burning, Oof, how she's boiling’ from a famous Polish kids’ poem ‘Locomotive’. The air was so heavy that I literally felt run over by this heavy machine. I’ve drunk like tons of water but I still felt thirsty!!! The 1,5 litre water limit per day was surely exceeded. But I found out that drinking pure water is not exactly as good as I thought. It turns out that we should mix water with at least a few drops of juice or drink tea to higher nutritional value of the beverage. That’s why tomorrow I’m starting Summertime Sun Tea trial.

Bonnie of Thirsty For Tea says that this refreshment is not only colorful, nourishing but also it’s delicious. We’ll see how many glasses I’ll have to drink to satisfy my thirst;) To get even better water balance I’m also gonna drink Naturally Flavoured Water.

Tell me how are you doing on such boiling hot days. Any good advice on what to drink?

Check out the recipe on Thirsty For Tea.


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