Soft Pretzel Bites

Bake with your kiddos delicious mini pretzels!
Do you know this kind of food that when you start to eat it, you simply can’t stop. It’s so tempting and delicious that you can’t resist. Snacks have this kind of influence on me...They are perfect for meetings with friends, and small parties. In fact, I can’t find an occasion they are not perfect for.

This recipe, which you can also use for cooking with your kids, comes from a great family blog - “Two peas & their pod”. Authors improved old recipe for pretzels to ease the whole process and made it suitable for making little snacks.

If you’re looking for some flavored food for a party, we can recommend you these spicy Jalapeno Rolls with Bacon and Sausage!

We can’t wait to see your version of these delicious bites! If you have some recipes of other tasty appetizers, post some pictures on our fan page!

Click the link to see the full recipe of Soft Pretzel Bites!




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