Snowy Chocolate Pinecones

Make these cute and easy Snowy Pinecones to remind yourself the beauty of the winter!
No matter where you live - is it North America (and you have enough of winter) or Europe (you haven’t seen any trace of winter yet) or in other beautiful place on Earth, you should try to make these amazing snowy pinecones. I’ve decided to show you this recipe, because I slightly miss the view of pinecones with a small snowpack on it.

I found this tutorial on the “Handmade Charlotte” website, where the author shows on pictures and explains very clearly what should be done. The best side of these sweets is that making them requires no baking, what makes them easy and fast to prepare. They look so adorable that it’s a pity to eat them ;) And their resemblance to real pinecones is just stunning!

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Read step by step instruction of this awesome Snowy Chocolate Pinecones here!




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