S’mores Cups

Try this recipe and prepare the best cups ever!
Unfortunately, I can't pass indifferently by anything that looks like a cupcake. I can’t explain my fondness for these sweets in any reasonable way. Even if I have enough recipes for delicious cupcakes, I’m still finding something new.

This time I came across this formula on the Cupcake Crusaders website. Stacy, the post’s author adapted this recipe from the Pampered Chef Website. She made it a little bit easier by adding few photos and some tips.

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To see the full tutorial of these awesome S’mores Cups click the link!

What you need:


  • Bowl
  • Scoop
  • Mini-Muffin Pan
  • Mini-Tart Shaper
  • Plastic Bag

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Whole graham crackers
  • Powdered sugar
  • Melted bars
  • Milk chocolate candy
  • Large marshmallows