Smiley Face Cake Pops

Create these smiling cake faces!
There’s something about creating homemade sweets such as Nutella Popsicles. I know they are not entirely healthy, but they are simple to make and delicious. Moreover, the main advantage of this kind of projects is that I can engage my kids in cooking /baking process.

Lately, my son has asked me to help him to prepare some treats for his friend's birthday party. I was over the moon when I heard he wanted to prepare something from his own initiative. I suggested Smiley Face Cake Pops which I found on Bakerella. The cake pops not only share the simplicity of a smiley face, but they are also a perfect edible craft recipe. The author of the idea shows a range of different emoticons, but we went for a classic yellow circle with two black dots and a black arc representing the mouth. My son's friend was thrilled when he opened the box with 20 smiling faces.

If you are looking for a surprising way to say hello or cheer somebody up, grab a box of cake mix and prepare these happy cake pops. Share the outcomes of your crafty baking on our fan page.

A detailed recipe of Smiley Face Cake Pops can can found here



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