Scrambled and Hard-Boiled Eggs Without Cracking the Shell

If you are bored of eating usual hard-boiled eggs, you should check our new tutorial!
After few days of production, finally we are ready to show you our new video. Scrambling and hard-boiling an egg without even breaking its shell. We found this awesome way presented by “Night Hawk In Light’ on YouTube. While reading the comments, it turned out that people don’t believe it could work. As we are very curious creatures, we didn't hesitate for a long time and decided to give it a try. After many attempts, it turned out, that the mixing an egg in its shell is not only possible but also quite easy.

We have introduced several innovations to this method. By following our tutorial, you can get untypical, whole yellow eggs. It’s a great idea if you want to convince your kids to eating eggs more often, need to decorate a dish or just want to serve eggs in the unique way. Believe me, if you like them, you will be satisfied with both, the color effect, and the taste!

Tips to use while scrambling an egg:
* To check if an egg is fresh, put it into a dish with unsalted water. If it falls to the bottom, it means that it is fresh. If it floats on the surface, it may be a few days old.
* Always wash eggs before boiling.
* To prepare hard-boiled eggs, put them into a pot with cool water first, and when the water starts boiling, cook them for 7-8 minutes.
* If you are a daredevil and you want to put eggs into boiling water at once, remember to cook them a little longer – about 8-9 minutes, but NOT LONGER than 10 min!
* To avoid the shell from cracking while boiling, you must remember to keep them in a room temperature for some time before putting them into a pot with cool water. You can gently puncture wider egg’s tip with a pin to gain the same effect.
* Sometimes an egg hits the bottom of the pot, and it cracks. A little bit of salt added to boiling water, should prevent this to happen.
Peeling eggs is a nightmare? Put it into cold water immediately after taking them out of boiling, and live it for few minutes. It will certainly help!
* If you unintentionally mix the already cooked eggs with raw ones, you need to know there is a way to distinguish them. Twist an egg on a flat surface. If it spins around with ease, it is boiled. If you can’t do this, the egg is still raw.

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