Rigatoni Pasta Pie

Recently all kinds of noodles tend to rule our family diet. It’s tasty, quick and easy to make. After eating one plate you feel full for the rest of the day. To be totally honest I just have better things to do than cooking at the moment... (Handimania crafts my world). Spaghetti with garlic and zucchini the same with tomato and garlic and again garlic and olive oil, each day different variation of it. That’s why I felt so enormously happy when I found this Rigatoni Pasta Pie recipe.

It’s a bit like a lasagna but way easier to prepare. Those Rigatonis could simply lay down on the plate mixed up with bolognese sauce but instead they “decided” to stand up and I bet this simple fact changes the taste for better.
I like when food surprises me with it’s shapes, the way it’s been served, colors ect. and here I’ve got all this. I think you all love Italian food that’s why I’m sure after reading this and looking at the pictures you wouldn’t resist doing this pasta pie and sharing it with us. I have got a feeling your kids would love it too, just don’t exaggerate with cheese, please! ;)

What you need:

Rigatoni Pasta Pie

P.S. I recommend you to read all comments under the recipe as there you can find many useful tips on making this excellent Italian meal.

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