Rainbow Gelatin Orange Wedges

One of my daughters would love to eat sweets all the time. Surfing in the internet in search of an inspiration for something sweet but healthy I found this - Rainbow Gelatin Orange Wedges from Quick Dish.

Just few oranges and jelly flavours you prefer are all you need to make that. And you get some freshly squeezed orange juice as the extra bonus also. Minimum effort, maximum effect - that’s what I like in the kitchen the most.

The effect is so stunning that it can be the food decoration at every party or picnic table you would think of. Do you want to spice it up? Let’s make it jello shots by adding vodka into the jelly, before it’s set. Do you want to make it healthier for children? Prepare your own jellies by using agar-agar instead of pork gelatine. The different colours you would get by adding natural fruit juices into this mixture.

The number of variations depends on you, and we do hope, you would share it with us!

What you need:


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