Radish Mushroom

Have fun with food and make this funny radish mushroom!
One day every parent will have to face the situation in which their little food rebels will tell that they don’t want to eat something commonly believed healthy.There are of course some tricks to ‘smuggle’ healthy products into your kids mouth. Some time ago we shared a brilliant ideas of Food Art on The Plate.

However, if your manual skills aren’t so advanced, you can begin with a smaller enterprise. I found an intriguing and ridiculously sounding idea - Radish Mushroom. When I consider vegetables, I guess; radish is not very popular with children and in my family it is on the top of the list of least wanted veggies. Radish Mushroom presented on Anna the Red is effortless; you just trim a piece of radish to make a stem and the mushroom is ready to dig in.

Don’t force your kids to eat things they don’t want. Let them have fun with food this will definitely add to your comfort and their happiness. Share your experience with food rebels on our fan page.

A detailed tutorial of how to make a Radish Mushroom can be found here.


What you need:


  • Knife

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Radish


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