Quick Bread in a Bottle

Put bread ingredients into a bottle and make an original gift!
If you are looking for untypical bread recipes Happy Holiday Bread we presented some time ago is just for you. Still, if you want to encourage someone to bake one there is a better solution.

Charity Ferreira and Jil Peters from Sunset present Quick Bread in a Bottle that may become a unique gift for an amateur cook. The idea to put all dry ingredients needed for bread in a bottle is delightful. The bottle looks neat and original, in my opinion it resembles seaside sand souvenirs closed in a glass container, but who said the ingredients of the bottle can’t be edible. The project may actually have two functions decorative and (when you get bored) consumable.

I’ve never thought of putting bread into a bottle but this left me speechless. Are you eager to prepare your bread? Share your opinions on our fan page.

The recipe of Quick Bread in a Bottle is here.



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