Potato Bread

Bake this Potato Bread and see how full of energy you will be!
Wheat has gained bad fame recently. There are so many anti-wheat opinions that even the most eager bread fans sometimes begin to wonder if it’s really so unhealthy. I tried many different ways of excluding flour but wheat always wins when it comes to bread flavour.

Quick Bread in a Bottle was one of those ideas which enchanted me. But lately I‘ve come across Potato Bread on Common Sense Homesteading. This bread may be easily prepared with some mashed potato leftovers, it contains some wheat flour but a slice of it seems to be more beneficial than a regular one.

The ratio of potatoes may be changed a bit to lessen the amount of flour, it will make the bread more energy-dense which will keep your hunger at bay.

If you want you can share other potato recipes below.

The recipe for Potato Bread is available here.


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