Pepper Flower Shaped Eggs

Now, how about starting your day in a new and creative way? I have an idea how to do that! Easy, funny and colorful pepper flower shaped eggs, which I've adapted from Apron Strings Blog. No cooking skills needed or even special equipment, so if you like having fun in the kitchen, try to prepare them for your next breakfast. You don’t even need the recipe, just follow these few simple steps:

Paprika Flower Shaped Eggs Collage

What you need:


  • Knife
  • Skillet

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Eggs
  • Bell Peppers
  • Chive
  • Oil

First prepare all the ingredients: 3 different color bell peppers, 3 eggs, chive and wash them all properly (eggs too!). You will also use a little bit of cooking oil.



Cut bell peppers into ½ inch rings.

Cut into rings


Remove all seeds, if needed.

Remove all seeds


Heat a non-stick skillet to medium low heat, sprinkle with some cooking oil. Place the rings on a skillet.

Heat a non-stick skillet


Crack an egg in the middle of each pepper ring.

Crack an egg


Cover and cook until done – if you like your eggs firm you need to lower the heat and cook the eggs few minutes longer.

Cover and cook until done


Chop some chive.

Chop some chive


Put the eggs on a plate, sprinkle with a little bit of chive, season to taste with some salt and black pepper.

Paprika Flower Shaped Eggs

Voila! Your perfect and colorful breakfast is ready. Told you it’s easy :)

So, there is no time to waste, do try this recipe at home and don’t forget to let us know how much you loved it.

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