Octopus-shaped soup bowls

She Knows, definitely, how to create entertaining food for kids. I’m sure every little one would love having his or her everyday soup in such a cute and funny octopus-shaped bowl instead of ordinary, boring dish. Long time ago I used to hate tomato soup, which now I find pretty delicious (by the way, don’t you think it’s amazing how our tastes change while we grow up?), and once I even locked myself in the toilet to avoid eating it… I know, I was a nightmare child… Anyway, this would be so much easier for my Mom to feed me if she knew this recipe before.

Haven’t tried it yet, but it looks super easy. No bread making experience needed, you can use store bought dinner rolls, form octopus bodies and bake. There is also one more advantage – bowls are edible so no need to wash the dishes after. Isn’t it a wonderful idea to serve your next dinner?

Octopus-shaped Soup Bowls

I’m wondering what’s going on with me and those kids recipes. Maybe it’s about time to start thinking about my own…?

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