Nutella Pancake Kabobs

Make some mini pancakes and serve them with fruits as kabobs!
We are lucky to find awesome pancake recipes and we want to show you another one. This time, you can learn how to make kabobs out of little pancakes, strawberries, and bananas. Daring Gourmet, one of the ‘TableSpoon’ contributors, shows us this awesome sweet dish. It’s really mouthwatering so we’re sure that nobody can resist eating them. They would be perfect as a sweet party snack, so don’t hesitate and give them a go! You can try recipe for Buffet Pancake Dippers too, they’re made with bacon!

What is your favorite kabob ingredient? Talk to us in comments below!

Check out the recipe on the TableSpoon!

What you need:

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Pancake mix
  • Fruits
  • Nutella

To see the full list of Tools and Supplies check out the source post.

nutella pancake kabobs 02

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