Nutella Brownies

Combine 3 ingredients to bake these brownies!
To pay tribute to all Nutella lovers after Nutella Popsicles I’d like to feature Nutella Brownies which comprise of three ingredients.

If you are one of those with whom a jar of Nutella will not remain untouched, or you end up eating spoonfuls of it over the sink, this recipe is right up your street. The author, who is one of the contributors of Instructables, promises to change your life with these innovative Nutella Brownies. In my opinion, in the photos they really make a divine impression.

So if you are you looking for a heaven in your mouth or a way to lighten your mood, check this recipe out. Tell us if these brownies are truly crowd pleasers. We’re waiting for your opinions on our fan page.

To read full recipe and step by step instructions of Nutella Brownies click the link




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