Necronomicon Pizza

Make your homemade pizza frightening but enormously delicious Halloween snack
I definitely have a weakness for dishes that look scary. Do you remember Meat Hand? I treat it as a joke and I love to imagine the reaction of my friends. Despite the fact that they know I'm a little crazy, cooking creepy things is not what they expect from me ;) But, what would life be without surprises? This time, I suggest you the recipe for pizza with a very unusual appearance... Ok let's be honest - with a very grisly appearance. I think it would be perfect to serve it at watching horror movies evening.

To prepare this pizza, you do not need many ingredients: active dry yeast, sugar, water, salt, flour, cheese, garlic, black olives (for forming mouth) and tomato sauce. Do not forget that these components apply to the basic version, but you can go ahead and add whatever you want, it will look spooky anyway!

The author of the recipe - Elizabeth Ellis is certainly more crazy than me, loves Evil Dead series and also has great artistic skills. She also tells how to make tomato sauce, in case you do not like those available in stores.

I am very curious if you can make even more monstrous pizza than the one I am writing about? Take up the challenge and send photos on our fan page. We will see who is the master of horror… ;)

Check out the detailed recipe and guide to bake your own Necronomicon Pizza, here.


Necronomicon Pizza

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