Minion Cupcakes

A very special treat for all Minion fans!
It’s been a while since Despicable Me 2 was released, but Minion madness seems to be doing well ;) If you have any fans of these tiny, tricksy creatures at home (you are not excluded from the game ;)) you should try baking a bunch of Minion Cupcakes - they would make a great snack for the nth screening of Despicable me movie ;)

This sweet recipe can be found on Cupcakepedia website - a great source of knowledge for all cupcake lovers. The look of Minion Cupcakes may suggest that they are quite easy to make, but you shouldn’t let yourself be tricked by these adorable creatures. While cupcakes and frosting are a piece of cake ;), Minion heads can be a challenge and need more patience that you would expect.

You love Minions but are more into cakes? Take a look at Despicable Me Minion Cake :)

Do you want to show off with your Minions below? Please do, as we are always curious of the effects of your work!

Check out the recipe on Cupcake Pedia.

What you need:

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Frosted Cupcakes
  • Twinkies
  • Smarties/Any Round Candies/Ready-Made Candy Eyest
  • Brown Sprinkles
  • Black Writing Icing


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  1. Isa Matos says:

    Buy a industrialized cake to put on top of a homemade cake, hahaha
    Anyway, that’s cute

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