Mini Parmesan & Meatloaf Cupcakes

Cook these delicious and belly-filling cupcakes!
I try to avoid calorific dishes on a day to day basis. Not because of diet, because I don’t follow any, I simply rarely feel like having such courses. I definitely prefer light, vegetable-based dishes, like a Veggie Spiral. However, I do experience days when a craving for some good cheese and meat is following me from the early morning.

When I have already found a perfect recipe to try out, we usually introduce our own variations with my mom, most often they concern the spices. However, I have to admit that in this case there was no need to introduce any changes. The recipe is simple, and the dish looks tempting and tastes sensational.

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To see the full recipe of these appetizing Mini Parmezan & Meatloaf Cupcakes click the link!




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